Chisato Shibayama


Department of Economics

Otaru University of Commerce


Field of Study:

International Trade, Trade Policy

Lecture & Seminar:

International Economic Policy (in Japanese)

Seminar on International Economics & International Economic Policy (in Japanese)

Membership of Academic Association:

Japanese Economic Association, Japan Society of International Economics, Japan Association of EU Studies

Social Activity:

Member of Committee on Hokkaido Industrial Promotion Guideline, Nov.1995- Mar.1997.

Member of Hokkaido Environmental Impact Assessment Council, Jan.1997- Jan.1999.



"GATT Negotiations: A Political Economic Approach ", Sekai Keizai Hyouron (Review of International Economy), Vol. 36 No.5, 1992 (in Japanese).

"Effects of Anti-dumping Duties on Export Monopoly: Analysis of Regional and Intertemporal Price Discrimination " (coauthored with K. Kiyono), Nihon Keizai Kenkyu (Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) Economic Journal), No.23, 1992 (in Japanese).

"International Oligopoly and Dumping: Market-Dependent vs. Market-Independent Judgment on Dumping " (coauthored with K. Kiyono), Nihon Keizai Kenkyu (JCER Economic Journal), No.24, 1993 (in Japanese).

"A Problem of Anti-dumping Investigation Procedure: Best Information Available " Shogaku Tokyu (Economic Review, Otaru University of Commerce), Vol.46, 1996 (in Japanese).

"A Historical Study on the Concepts of Unfair Practices in Dumping", Shogaku Tokyu (Economic Review, Otaru University of Commerce), Vol.52, 2001 (in Japanese)

"Multiproduct Firms and Dumping" (coauthored with Y. Ishii), The Waseda Journal of Political Science and Economics No.375: 2-12, 2009.

(Discussion Paper)

"Trade of Intermediate-goods and the Effects of Policies ", Discussion Paper Series No.7, APEC Study Center, Otaru University of Commerce & Institute of Developing Economies, 1997.

"Cost Advantage, Market Share and Import Tariff Policies under Duopoly Competition of Intermediate-goods: Conditions that International Agreements for Import Tariff Reduction", Discussion Paper No.14, APEC Study Center, Otaru University of Commerce,1998.

"Tariff induced dumping in the intermeidate-good market", Disucussion paper series No.61, Center for business creation Otaru University of Commerce, 2000.

Personal History in Brief:

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1961.

B.A. Economics, Gakushuin University, Japan, 1984.

Worked at C. Itoh Non Ferrous Metal Co. Ltd., 1984-1986.

M. A. Economics, Gakushuin University, 1990.

Enrolled Doctoral Course in Gakushuin University, 1990-1993.

Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), 1993-1994.

Joined in Department of Commerce, Otaru University of Commerce on 1994.