Sumiyo Nishiguchi, PhD

Associate Professor, Center for Language Studies, Otaru University of Commerce

3-5-21 Midori, Otaru-city, Hokkaido, Japan

office: 1-316, lab: 3-207D, email: nishiguchi(AT)


Book publications

Sound and Meaning in East Cushitic Languages: Dhaasanac, Burji, Rendille, Somali, and Afar (2021) Springer

Disambiguation of Possessives: The Extended Generative Lexicon (2012) LAP

Journal articles

``Noun Phrases in Japanese and epsilon-iota-tau Calculi" (2017) IfCoLog: Journal of Logics and their Applications 4(2), 367-380

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Other reviewed publications

``Dynamic Social Choice for Anaphora Resolution" (2017) Proceedings of the Workshop on Formal Approaches to the Dynamics of Linguistic Interaction 2017 co-located within the European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2017), Toulouse, France, July 17-21, 2017,

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Conference proceedings

``Setsuji, Gokon o Mochiita Eitango Kuizu Apri (English Word Quiz Application with Affix and Root Information) (2022) with Ryo Shimizu, IEICE Technical Report, ET2022-8, 1-4

``Tense and Intention" (2022) with Takako Nakaike, Karebu Ozawa and Lu Guo, JELS39, 140-141

``Nihongo no Shi Setsuzoku to Shite Setsuzoku tono Taio kara Mita Kankokugo no Setsuzokugomi Go to So no Tsukaiwake no Teian (Distinctive Use of Korean Connecting Particles ``Go" and ``So" in Correspondence with Japanese Connectives ``Shi" and ``Shite"") (2022) with Uta Takizawa, NLP 2022, 1624-1629

``Asahikawa-shi ni okeru Hogen no Shoshitsu (Disappearance of Dialects in Asahikawa City)"" (2022) with Ao Nomura, NLP2022, 1511-1514

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``Nihongo, Eigo, Kankokugo-no Uta ni Mirareru Hiyuhyogen-no Tokucho (Comparative Study of Metaphors in Japanese, English and Korean Songs)" (2021) with Natsuno Tobe, IPSJ SIG Technical Report 250:1

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``Indexicals in Chinese" (2021) with Zhuoyun Wu , Lu Guo and Yingxuan Wang, NLP27, 762-764

``Analysis of Biden's Victory Speech" (2021) with Reiji Miura, NLP27, 175-177.

``A Utility-based Voting Algorithm and Its Application to Altruistic and Hedonic Games" (2021) with Karebu Ozawa, IPSJ83

``LINE bot that Translates to Young Girls Japanese Language" with Yugo Nagata, Masaki Kato, Eiichi Iwase, and Ryo Shimizu, IPSJ83, to appear

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Book chapters

``The Semantics of Reduplication"(2020) Shin Handai Eibungakkai Sosho 2 Eigogaku no Fukamari, Eigogaku karano Hirogari, Eihosha

Indirect Reports and Pragmatics in the World Languages (2019) 345-354, Springer

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Working papers

``On "Ni/E" Alternation and Change of Location in Japanese" (2022) Language Studies 30, 25-35, Center for Language Studies, Otaru University of Commerce

``Japanese Loanwords in Northeast Chinese Dialect" (2021) with Siyu Ge, The Review of Liberal Arts 141, 87-94, 2021, Otaru University of Commerce

``Vowel Shift and Coda Deletion in Handan Dialect of Chinese" (2020) (with Xu Han and Lining Chen) Language Studies 28, 19-28, Center for Language Studies, Otaru University of Commerce

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Dissertation & theses

``Possessive Disambiguation" (2009) PhD Dissertation, Osaka University, 11/09, errata

``Non-monotonic Negativity'' (2003) MA Thesis, Osaka University, 1/8/03 (full text)

``Music Therapy in Japan: Current Problems" (2001) BA Thesis, Osaka University, 1/01

Electronic poster

``Negative Also: A Bipolar Item in Japanese'' (2005) Polarity from Different Perspectives, Workshop, New York University, electronic poster, 2/25/05


``Presupposition Accommodation by Discourse-Initial Evidential Marker Mo" (2007) ms. Stony Brook University, 4/3/07

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Let's Learn English with Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope (2016) with Hiroyuki Takemura, PMP Educational